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Ahtna Shared Services for Subsidiaries – Management Structure

Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ahtna Netiye’, Inc. (AN), a holding company for Ahtna Inc. (AI), an Alaska Native Regional Corporation. Many of AN’s subsidiary companies are co-located within a single facility, allowing the company to provide meaningful support in the way of project management, workforce, and administrative resources. Specifically, Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies, Ahtna Global, LLC (AGL), Ahtna Environmental, Inc. (AEI), Ahtna Solutions, LLC (ASL), and Ahtna Engineering Services, LLC (AES) have a common management structure. This management team is responsible for all aspects of each company including program management, contract administration, and financial accountability.

Ahtna structured the common management of these subsidiaries in accordance with Small Business Administration guidelines and associated federal regulations. Through this approach, Ahtna has maintained continuity of senior management as well as institutional knowledge that our federal clients require for the successful implementation of a contracting opportunity; as such, AGL, AEI, ASL, and AES past performance may be presented as part of Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies total portfolio.