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Ahtna, Inc.

Ahtna, Inc. shareholders mainly consist of the Ahtna Athabascan people of the Cantwell and Copper River Region of Southcentral Alaska. Ahtna Koht’aene (Ahtna People) take their name from the indigenous word for the Copper River, which flows through Ahtna land.

Today, Ahtna Inc. supports and represents more than 2,000 shareholders, many of whom still reside in the Copper River Region. The positive performance of our business provides shareholder benefits including contributions to the Settlement Trust, dividends, memorial benefits, scholarships, contributions to our villages and non-profits, and fund the essential functions of our shareholder services and land department.

The indigenous peoples of Alaska today own Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs), which are structured and directed to address economic conditions among some of the poorest people identified in Census data.

Surveys from about half the membership of the Native American Contractors Association, representing about half of the Native 8(a) contracting volume in 2010, recorded employment of 56,076 people and distributions of $111.5M.

These distributions help address economic, social, environmental, and cultural needs that are vitally important to the strengthening of Native communities. Together with a wide array of corporate educational opportunities up and down the career ladder, these investments help Native communities attract, retain, and grow human capital—the talents, skills, and capabilities necessary to improve Native quality of life.

In recognition of the unique structures of Native communities and the economic burdens they bear, Section 8(a) of the Small Business Act and related regulations permit such companies to become certified to participate in federal procurement with distinct provisions tailored to meet their unique challenges.

Shareholder Benefits

We protect and preserve Athabascan culture and values by providing financially for our shareholders and our communities. Ahtna promotes cultural gatherings and supports the preservation of cultural resources. We bring our shareholders together to discuss issues of importance to the Ahtna people. We support organizations and endeavors that benefit Native people across Alaska.

We are a shareholder-driven company at all levels. The principal goal of all department and subsidiary operations is to benefit current shareholders and future generations. We provide meaningful opportunities and culturally significant benefits to our shareholders. Through these benefits, Ahtna ensures that our shareholders will not merely survive into the future, but thrive.

Shareholder Services & Programs

  • Ahtna Culture Camp and village camps
  • Burial Assistance Fund and memorial support
  • Contributions and support to the combined efforts of Alaska Native Corporations and organizations that benefit all Alaska Natives
  • Contributions to village churches and village organizations
  • Elder dividends
  • Elders Benefits Program
  • Establishment of Class L stock
  • Graduate Recognition Benefit Program
  • Kanas newsletter, communications, and publications
  • Regional community support
  • Settlement trust
  • Shareholder dividends
  • The Ahtna Heritage Foundation
  • Walter Charley Memorial Scholarship Program
  • Youth and Elders Conference

Shareholder Development Program

  • College Internship Program
  • Individual shareholder development plans
  • Management Trainee Program
  • Shareholder Development Department
  • Shareholder hire preference
  • Shareholder outreach activities
  • Shareholder Talent Bank Program
  • Shareholder training
  • Temporary Employee Program
  • Workforce Development Fund

Land & Resource Management

  • Commercial Land Use Program (lease, permit, easement)
  • Customary and traditional (subsistence) preservation
  • Homesite Program
  • Individual Use Permit Program
  • Land protection
  • Merged Village Program
  • Resource development
  • Shareholder Assistance Program
  • Shareholder Resource Program