About Ahtna

Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies, LLC

Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies provides integrated approaches to complex construction, environmental, and professional services challenges.  

We have the qualifications, expertise, and capacity to provide a wide range of services to our government and commercial clients— as a contractor and a consultant. Both in the office, in the field, and throughout all phases of project execution.

While some firms specialize in field operations and others in consulting, Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies offers our clients a one stop shop. Functioning as both contractor and consultant, we provide our clients with comprehensive, cohesive, and cost-effective solutions that ensure the science/engineering and field operations work together to achieve your goals.

Our professionals have built a reputation for taking on and delivering—without exception—some of the most technically complex projects. We operate as effectively in highly remote and austere locations as we do in dense, urban landscapes. The truth is, we enjoy doing the hardest, most complex and “dirty” jobs that others shy away from. Our experience allows us to identify the critical path to safely achieve project goals.

These proven capabilities set us apart in the marketplace and ensure the best value and enduring technical and managerial solutions for our clients.

Our Mission

Ahtna’s ability to deliver the best value to our clients stems from our knack in building strong teams.

We evaluate the expertise needed to accomplish our mission, goal, and objectives. We then identify astute, knowledgeable, and skilled professionals with a strong safety ethic to form a team with complementary talents. This approach allows our staff to focus on value-added activities such as creating a winning strategy, partnering with customers, and identifying innovative approaches to achieving client goals. We continuously nurture individual strengths to further build upon and retain a robust team that consistently delivers the best value to our customers, while helping our staff to achieve individual career goals.

An important part of Ahtna’s team culture is cross-training our staff. Cross-training minimizes performance risk, increases safety awareness, and ensures our ability to remain flexible, overcome any challenges, and deliver positive results for our clients.

We take pride in our staff’s expertise in complex logistics and safety. Whether working in the remote corners of Alaska where extreme weather and lack of infrastructure present significant challenges, or in dense urban areas that require working in proximity to residential areas, our teams have the expertise to effectively deliver on time and on budget.

Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies

Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies specializes in safely performing work with complex logistics and challenging site conditions including:

  • Remote, austere, arctic conditions that require chartered planes, helicopters, and barges to move people and materials in a time-sensitive shortened field season
  • Highly visible public and residential sites throughout the United States that require rigorous stakeholder and community relations efforts

Ahtna has a proven track record in safely and successfully completing projects. Our team’s commitment to world-class safety performance is reflected in our three years of Days Away, Restrictions, Transfers Rate (DART) statistics for our operations.  In 2019, Ahtna maintained a 0.9 DART rate well below the industry average of 1.5. Additionally, our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) has also tracked far below the industry average.

Ahtna’s culture of safety permeates every construction and environmental task we perform as proven by our low 2020 Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.70 (well below the industry average of 1.0). What this means in practical terms is that Ahtna’s accident and injury rate is 41% below industry standards throughout the Ahtna family of companies.

The firm has maintained a well below-industry-average EMR for the past five years.

Ahtna provides our clients with a strong work ethic, outstanding service, and the responsiveness of a dynamic self-performing business. Over the years, we have built a government-proven infrastructure to minimize performance risk and maximize cost-effectiveness during project execution.

Ahtna Reach

Our Geographic Reach

With 13 corporate and long-term project offices spanning the country, and past performance worldwide, we have the geographic coverage, resources, and capability necessary to respond quickly and efficiently to contract opportunities and programs both within the United States and internationally.

Alaska | California | Colorado | Hawaii | Maryland | Missouri |
Oregon | Texas | South Carolina | Washington


Tim Finnigan

Tim Finnigan

Tim Finnigan has over 45 years of construction, environmental, and professional services contracting experience.  This includes 20 years as program/project manager on federal construction and environmental remediation projects with a combined value in excess of $450M. He is known for developing new revenue streams while optimizing income from existing business lines through innovative marketing and rapid exploration of changing customer needs. With a strong technical background in construction and environmental remediation projects, as well as professional services experience, Tim’s expertise in maximizes front-end planning to reduce problems during execution.