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Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies

Providing a clear vision for cost-effective solutions.

Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies, LLC offers unique, flexible, and streamlined procurement options to our customers. Direct Award contracting opportunities present many benefits to our clients, including an accelerated procurement timeline, competitive rates, help meeting socio-economic contracting goals, and a virtually unlimited direct award ceiling.

Our Services

And Qualifications

Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies, LLC serves as a full-service General Contractor, Construction Manager, or Design/Builder for projects of varying sizes and complexities. We consistently deliver technical competency, cost efficiency, and a near-zero risk to ensure the needs of our clients are met every time. Ahtna’s multi-disciplinary core staff of over 250 professionals includes construction supervisors, engineers, scientists, and craft labor.

Ahtna Worldwide

Our Geographic Reach

Since 2000, Ahtna Infrastructure & Technologies and its sister subsidiaries have successfully performed thousands of projects worldwide, totaling over $2.767 billion. Our experience has given us a deep and comprehensive understanding of the markets we serve, especially the complexities of working in remote and austere locations with harsh environments. We can effectively manage people, projects, and equipment in any location – whether its remote or urban. These skills allow us to proactively identify and overcome project logistical obstacles, including those associated with complex compliance, safety, and environmental concerns.

Ahtna has 13 corporate and long-term project offices in eight states spanning the country from Alaska to Maryland. With past performance worldwide, Ahtna has the geographic coverage, resources, and capability necessary to respond quickly and efficiently to contract opportunities and programs both within the United States and internationally.